Duration of the procedure and price

The session lasts 1 hour. 50-55 minutes of work on the body and 5-10 minutes for initial assessment, undressing/changing clothes (if required), payment, etc. d. The hourly rate is 50 € for sports massage and 60 € for manual therapy.

Will it hurt?

Massage often requires a deep impact on muscle tissue to resolve blockages. Davide’s technique is based on decades of working with athletes who often want quick results, even if it’s painful. They don’t want to wait for the usual 10 sessions before getting any results. Of course, the pain level will be adjusted to a […]

Do I need to take off my clothes?

Depends on your choice: If you want a sports massage with oil, then obviously yes. If you need chiropractic care for a specific problem, we can easily work on clothing as long as it is lightweight, easy to move, and not too thick. If it is necessary to undress or change clothes, the massage therapist […]

What technique do you use?

It depends on the massage therapist. Most of the staff are sports massage therapists and they trained at the Estonian Massage School. Davide’s Technique is a mixture of living body massage, trigger point resolution and myofascial manipulation. The main goal is to reduce pain and stiffness in the body and improve posture and flexibility by […]

Quality above all else

Why should I come to you and pay 50€ for a massage when I can get it for 15€ somewhere else? Mainly for three reasons: 1. We focus on your needs. There will be a discussion about your concerns and needs before the treatment and we focus on these during the massage. 2. Quality. Davide […]

Classic massage

  If I don’t have any physical problems, do you also offer a regular massage? No, we don’t do that. There are a dozen regular massage therapists, masseuses, spas and beauty salons where you can book a relaxing massage. We are happy to recommend one of these places to you. At our studio, we listen […]

Are you physiotherapists?

No, we are not physical therapists. In our studio, we have sports massage therapists and a chiropractor with extensive knowledge of the anatomy of the human body, kinesiology and issues that can affect the body at the muscular and skeletal level. We are not part of the medical system and cannot replace doctors or physical […]