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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the treatment last and how much it costs?

The session lasts 1 hour. 50-55 minutes hands on plus 5-10 minutes for the initial assessment, dressing/undressing (if required), paying, etc… My hourly rate is 40€.

Does it hurt?

Depends, most likely yes. My technique comes from a dozen of years working with athletes that quite often want quick results even if it hurts more. They do not want to wait the usual 10 sessions before getting some kind of results. Of course the pain level will be adjusted to a tolerable level for the client. If there is no need to unblock a stuck muscle, the treatment might even be pleasant.

Do I have to take off my clothes?

Depends on what you want to do: if you want a sport massage that requires oil, then obviously yes. If you need a treatment on some specific problem, I can easily work on the clothes if they are light, comfortable to move, and not too thick.

Which payment methods do you accept?

It is possible to pay by cash on the spot, or via bank transfer after the therapy.

What’s your technique?

My technique is a mix between deep tissue massage, trigger points release, and myofascial manipulation.
The primary goal is reducing pain and stiffness in the body, improving posture and flexibility by releasing chronically tight and shortened muscles and fascia. This is accomplished by applying a combination of slow compressive and lengthening strokes on the affected musculature. The technique is designed to relieve severe tension and stiffness in the muscles and in the connective tissue (fascia).
It is particularly recommended for individuals who experience chronic pain, limited mobility, postural problems, are involved in heavy physical activity or for clients who have sports injuries or any other kind of sustained physical injuries.

Are you a physiotherapist?

No, I’m not. I’m a sport masseur and manual therapist, I have a vast knowledge of the human body and the problems that can affect it at muscolar and skeletal level, but I’m not part of the sanitary system and I cannot replace in any way Doctors or Physiotherapists.
I actually encourage all my clients to consult the above professionals in case of serious physical problems.

Why should I come to you and pay 40€ for a massage when I can get one for 15€ somewhere else?

Mainly three reasons:

  1. Mine is not a massage. I can do massages of course: relaxing, sport, californian, whatever, I have spent my fair amount of time among SPAs. But mostly I’m a therapist, clients come to me when they need me, if I see someone too often, it means I’m not doing my job properly.
  2. Quality. My treatment is highly specialised and not easy to find, even in Italy.
  3. Honesty. My goal is to make you feel better. This is why, when you come to me with a musculoskeletal problem, I will ask you to come two, max three times. If after those sessions you did not get a significant improvement it means my technique is not right for you, and I will suggest you what to do (in my opinion) and what professionals to consult. I always worked this way and, even if some colleagues find stupid to send away clients, I believe that honesty always pay back in the long run.

Which languages do you speak?

Italian is my native language and I speak English fluently. I can communicate in very basic Estonian, usually enough to work. I don’t speak any Russian.

If I don’t have any physical problem, do you do normal massages?

Yes I do, I started my career as a traditional masseur. In my last two years of work in Italy I was often training co-workers, teaching them specific massage technique, so you are welcome to ask for a normal massage!

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